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#15 Cod Liver Oil
This cod liver oil is the crudest form on the market, purposely less refined to retain the unsaturated fatty acids: linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic. A specific Omega-3 fatty acid called EPA found in cold water fish and marine mammals has been found to help protect against heart conditions. EPA has anti-inflammatory agents which can have positive effects on the immune system. Cod liver oil is also an effective source of essential Vitamins A and D.

#38 Calphonite
Vit-Ra-Tox Calphonite is considered by many in the health industry to be the most “bio-available” source of calcium sold. Professors at M.I.T. have done extensive testing on this product and gave it great acclaim! This liquid calcium supplement is easy to take by the spoonful or in juice. If you are drinking milk to get your calcium, you may be surprised to find out that very little calcium is absorbed by humans from cows milk. (Just some food for thought.)

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