The history of Colema Boards goes back to the early 1970s…

Victor Earl Irons, a leading specialist on bowel problems, lectured on health and promoted bowel cleansing since the 1940’s. He was a leading advocate in the use of natural substances, believing strongly that the body is fully capable of healing itself when given the opportunity. He highly recommended using enemas in conjunction with his 7 Day Cleansing Program to obtain the best results. At that time, only enema bags were available, and professional colonics were not readily available.

Later, in 1975, Victor Irons worked with George and Kay Shaffer of Arizona, on an enema board that allowed an individual to administer repeated enemas without removal of a rectal tip. The “Colema Board” home enema board kit was born! “Colema” is a combined name of “colon” and “enema”.

Victor was friends with Dr. Bernard Jensen, a renowned iridologist, and introduced him to the Colema Board and Vitratox Seven Day Cleansing Program for his prostate problems. After Jensen’s personal success with the program, Dr. Jensen put his patients, at his Ranch in Escondido, CA, on the Irons’ cleanse. The cleansing experience with the Colema Board and Vitratox Seven Day Cleansing Products led to the writing of “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” by Dr. Bernard Jensen. Known throughout the world, this book has benefited and encouraged thousands to cleanse their bodies with amazing and wonderful results!

Today, over 40 years later, the Colema Board remains the leader in home enema board kits domestically and worldwide. The “Colema” name has become a household name for home enema kits, as Kleenex has become a reference to facial tissue. Colema is also being used to describe the process of taking an enema using an enema board. Due to this, there have been board imitations that have tried to use our trademark name and have confused the public as to the origin of the word “Colema” and “colenema”. It is, in fact, a company name, not an industry title.

There are cheaper “knock-off” enema board imitations out there; however, they have not been able to duplicate the comfort, quality, and safety that our Colema Boards products offer. There are millions of satisfied users of the Colema Board. And, by purchasing a Colema Board brand enema board kit, you are guaranteed a product that has a long standing reputation (over 40 years!) for quality, integrity, and outstanding customer service.

An acknowledgement and excerpt from Dr. Jensen’s “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” (1979):

“We consider Mr. V. E. Irons to be one of our best friends. He is one I am indebted to for the ideas worked out in this Colema program. After many years of using this, we consider this program to be the fastest, easiest, and least complicated tissue cleansing program available…”

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