Basic Cleansing

3 Basic Steps to Cleansing

A healthy body takes maintenance. That means committing to a proper cleansing regimen. It is a small investment that can provide lifelong benefits.

The body can benefit from both a daily cleansing regime to a more intense seven day cleansing program to assist the body in detoxifying and rejuvenating your cells, tissues, glands, and organs.

The basics of cleansing are 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1 – Detoxify

Begin by removing the impacted waste from the colon.

Eliminating wastes, through the colon or bowel, is the most efficient way to avoid buildup of toxins within the bloodstream and other organs. Daily removal of wastes from the intestinal environment also allows the body to be able to absorb the nutrients you feed it!

The Cleansing Combination of the Vit-Ra-Tox #16 Detoxificant and the #19 Intestinal Cleanser is the first step in providing fiber and mucilage that supports normal bowel function and detoxification.

Vit-Ra-Tox #16 Detoxificant and #19 Intestinal Cleanser are great aides for this.

Step 2 – Rebuild

Rebuild the bloodstream and supply the cells and tissues with nutritional whole food supplements.

The Vit-Ra-Tox whole food supplements provide vitamins, minerals, enzymes and raw food… which nourish the bloodstream. When the bloodstream is clean and well-nourished, every cell of the body benefits directly!

Vit-Ra-Tox #22 Greenlife®, #53 Wheat Germ Oil, and #57 Natural Vitamin C are great aides for this.

Step 3 – Colon Cleanse

Removal of waste matter during a cleansing program is the key to successful results! Enemas assist in flushing out this waste matter from the colon.

The Colema Board Home Enema Board Kit is great for this – a great alternative to a colonic!

Summary: Cleansing in one Complete Set!

The Vit-Ra-Tox #59 Seven Day Cleansing Kit is a complete cleansing program, which includes the 5 items necessary for the Seven Day Program:

  • #16 Detoxificant
  • #19 Intestinal Cleanser
  • #22 Greenlife®
  • #53s Wheat Germ Oil
  • #57 Natural Source Vitamin C
  • #19A Herbal Supplement (sample size)

We suggest adding the #48 Whole Beet Plant Tablets for blood and liver building (sold separately). This program is an integrated system of self-purification that combines the benefits of fasting, fibrous intestinal cleanser, nutritional supplements, with recommended daily colon irrigation. It is a complete program of blood and tissue detoxification that rejuvenates each and every organ, gland, tissue, and cell in the body. Vit-Ra-Tox Products are quality nutritional supplements and detoxification products that have been on the market since 1946 – Celebrating 70 years!

No fad cleansing products here – only real products that provide real results!

Vit-Ra-Tox #59 Seven Day Cleansing Kit is a fantastic mechanical cleanse!