Colema TestimonialsThank you for all the wonderful products you make. They have made a great difference in my life. I had a chemical accident and your products make life improve greatly. Thanks again!Colema Testimonials

Marianne – NM, USA

Colema TestimonialsThe Colema Board arrived last week! I’m very surprised that it came so fast. Praise God and thank you!Colema Testimonials

Eugene – Germany

“It has been almost 20 years we as a family have enjoyed using the Colema Board.”
– Ginger, GA Testimonial: Ginger from south Georgia

Colema TestimonialsWe are so grateful for the Colema Board and wonder what we ever did without it.Colema Testimonials

C.S. – Sheridan, OR

Colema TestimonialsWe don’t know how many take the time and effort to tell of RESULTS and to thank you. Well, our results were outstandingly fantastic. We’ve neither been the same, my wife nor myself, 68 and 78 respectively. No one will ever believe what is inside of them, perhaps 30 to 40 years, until they do the job right, get it out, and carefully examine it. Astounding and unbelievable. But, seeing is believing… Just to encourage you and say…THANK YOU…Colema Testimonials

C.D.M. – Troutdale, OR

“The old Colema Board looks like the new one.”
– Carl Nunyies, NM Testimonial: Carl Nunyies from New Mexico

Colema TestimonialsI am using the Colema Board with ease now. I wish to congratulate you on a product that works so efficiently and easily… The Colema Board produced such additional results that it was unbelievable, especially since I thought I was already cleaned out… It’s great, I’d sooner part with my toothbrush!!Colema Testimonials

E.T.M. – Lakeland, FL

Colema TestimonialsI can’t believe I could harbor all this corruption inside of me and still be able to function as well as I did. My complaint wasn’t so much my bowels (I was always constipated)…this is the only thing that helped me… I am glad I sent for the board.Colema Testimonials

M.K. – NY, USA

“It rocks!”
– Denise, CO Testimonial: Denise from Colorado

Colema TestimonialsI completed my first cleansing program and got superlative results. I passed two quarts of junk during the week including one specimen that was close to two feet log (all in one place) that I passed two days after I broke the fast…Colema Testimonials

B.D. – Holyoke, MA

Colema TestimonialsThis thing is just so awesome. After two uses, the thing has paid for itself, plus you don’t have to make an appointment or even leave your house. The whole proceedure happens right in the comfort of your very own bathroom. What a blessing.Colema Testimonials

Molly – CA, USA

“It was at that point I knew that I had come upon something special…”
– Ira Testimonial: Ira

Colema TestimonialsThis thing is just so awesome. After two uses, the thing has paid for itself, plus you don’t have to make an appointment or even leave your house. The whole proceedure happens right in the comfort of your very own bathroom. What a blessing.Colema Testimonials

Carl Nunyies – NM, USA

Colema TestimonialsI have gone for professional colonics a number of times. I love this product as it allows me to get a thorough cleansing that seems to me to be as good as what I have gotten professionally. It is a neat easy process. The one thing is to make sure you have a place to use it. I am only able to use it in my upstairs bathroom as the one next to my bedroom does not have sufficient space in front of the toilet to set it up. I didn’t realize that when I ordered, but it is such an amazing product, I would have figured out another way. They do offer a recommendation of using a second bucket as the dumping bucket if you don’t have room to use it with your toilet. That would work, it would just be a little more messy and time/energy consuming.Colema Testimonials

Annette – GA, USA

“It can change your life.”
– L.K., KS Testimonial: L.K. from Wichita, KS

Colema TestimonialsHi, this is Denise from Colorado and I am a first time user of the Colema Board, and it rocks! The educational video really helped and I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. I feel very light and I’d highly recommend it for anyone.Colema Testimonials

Denise – CO, USA

Colema TestimonialsI bought another board that was an absolute disaster. The other board was a little less money, but the quality was very bad. It was made in China. The Colema Board just performs so much better and the quality is obvious. After the first board, I researched a lot more, and this is a great product and I love this company.Colema Testimonials

Gilbert Radcliff

“Absolutely wonderful…”
– Caroline, TX Testimonial: Caroline from TX

Colema TestimonialsHello, my name is Ginger and I love in south Georgia. My family began using the Colema Boards in the late 80’s. When we were investigating alternative methods of just taking care of our bodies, we found that colonic irrigation was a very effective way of cleansing our bodies and removing some of the undesirable elements. It’s now been [about] 20 years that we as a family have enjoyed the benefits of using the Colema Boards.Colema Testimonials

Ginger – GA, USA

Colema TestimonialsI had gone to an office to have colonics done in the past but due to the high price of those sessions decided to invest in this. I have now owned this product for a couple years and have used it dozens of times. It is very easy to set up and really feel that it has made a big improvement in my overall health. I know many people are hesitant regarding this sort of thing but once you get used to it you will feel a difference mentally and physically. The only thing I would recommend is maybe going to a professional a few times just to see what is involved and so you know a little bit of what to expect. Once you know what you’re in for you will see how easy this board is to use in the privacy of your own bathroom.Colema Testimonials

M. Buckley

“I’ve been enjoying the whole process.”
– Karen, Australia Testimonial: Karen from Australia

Colema Testimonials[When I got up off the board and] looked in the mirror, three things hit me. First of all, the whites of my eyes were white white. And the circles under my eyes were 100% – I’ll say 99% – gone as if they had never been there. And the skin on my face was smooth. It was at that point I knew I had come upon something special.Colema Testimonials

Ira, CA

Colema TestimonialsThe Vitratox 7 Day Cleanse is actually the single best thing that you can do for yourself. The 7 Day Cleanse is a wonderful program. I’ve been on it several times. My first experience with doing the detox, I lost 17 pounds. I went from a size 14 dress size to a size 8. My best experience is each day after you do the colonics (you take the pills all day and you do the colonics in the evening) is to see the effects of what’s coming out of you. All the hard fecal matter that you’ve accumulated over the years is eliminated and makes you feel so proud. The first day will probably be difficult to do, but as you go on (day 2 and day 3) you definitely see you have more stamina to stick it through. By day 3, you definitely will see major effects in your body’s shape and how you feel. So, I advise anybody to try it and definitely use the Colema Board because it makes it easier. You can just relax, lay down, and let everything just come out of you. Good luck!Colema Testimonials

Jennifer, MD

Colema TestimonialsI’m telling you, the Colema Board is awesome. I’ve had one since the early 80’s. Make sure it’s stamped Colema Boards – that it’s the official one. It can change your life. I highly recommend it. Best of luck.Colema Testimonials

L.K., KS

Colema TestimonialsMy family has been using the Colema Boards for many years. We all wanted a healthy plan and lifestyle and part of our plan was to eat high fiber diets which will help the cleanse process and the other part of our plan was to flush out all the toxic waste that was already lining our colon. We have had varied results. My daughter lost weight and felt more energetic. My wife seems to have less stomach cramping and I really just feel better overall.Colema Testimonials

Singer Family, WY

Colema TestimonialsMy Colema Board is absolutely wonderful and it has changed our lives. My husband who couldn’t even stand the thought of a discussion about the colon is now sold as well. He will even bring it up and say he wants to use the Colema Board. I used to use an enema occasionally from an enema bag and I never felt like it got me the cleansing that I wanted done. The Colema Board does it for me easy in more of a single step approach, and it’s changed my life. My head’s clear, my skin’s clear, and I just feel so much better.Colema Testimonials

Caroline, TX

Colema TestimonialsThis product has been more than expected. The cleansing sessions have been very refreshing. I would recommend the Colema Board Deluxe Colema Board (Blue) to any one interested in this kind of therapy.Colema Testimonials

Kenneth Reese, SD

Colema TestimonialsI have been exploring the joys of colonic irrigation for approximately the last three months and it’s done fantastic things for my health and my skin, and I’m just enjoying the whole process.Colema Testimonials

Karen, Australia